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Health Food Supplements to ensure optimum nutrient intake

Why are Health Food supplements so important? Achieving optimum nutrition isn’t so easy through your everyday diet.  Yet ensuring a reliable daily supply of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients is a concern (or at least should be) for every person living in the modern age.  Our health food supplements help you achieve this.

Our Health Food Supplements…

Our Health Food supplements offer a unique approach to supporting optimum nutrition through dietary supplementation. We have a comprehensive range of health food supplements, which includes meal replacement shakes, protein powders, organic superfood blends and dietary fibre, designed to support strong immunity, a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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So-called “health foods” are no longer the preserve of health fanatics – ensuring a reliable daily supply of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients is a concern (or at least should be) for every person living in the modern age.

As long ago as 1992, the ‘Earth Summit Report’ revealed a potential loss of 72% of the mineral content in the soils of Europe in the last 100 years alone, as a result of modern-day intensive farming practices. These depleted soils then yield crops that are tasteless and have poor nutritional content. And this doesn’t take into account the widescale interference with our food chain in terms of synthetic chemical inputs after harvesting!

The result – unfortunately, we can no longer rely on diet alone to fulfil our bodies’ nutritional requirements. This is even the case where we believe we are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Health Food Supplements can assist in achieving a healthy balanced intake of nutrients. Many of our products carry EFSA Approved Health Claims, for more information please visit the EFSA website

Unlike many of the standard single-ingredient products available on the high-street, our health food supplements combine the best of what Nature has to offer through unique and creative blends of multiple nutrient-dense ingredients for better efficacy. These comprehensive health food supplements include nutrient-dense, food state superfoods, superfruits, whole grains and plant protein, to provide a broad spectrum of bioavailable vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients (such as dietary fibre, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals and more).

Health Food Supplements should always be viewed as a holistic exercise, which involves all aspects of health – including everything from diet and exercise, to potential food allergies, gut integrity and digestive disorders.

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