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Organic Food Supplements to provide optimum natural goodness

Why Organic Food Supplements? Organic food supplements are important as many aspects of modern living have an adverse effect on health and, particularly, toxic load. Many people eat too many processed foods, while an increasing amount of produce is imported from long distances and then stored for long periods.

Our Organic Food Supplements…

The supplements that make up our Organic Food Supplements range contain 100% organic agricultural ingredients that are grown to the highest organic standards.
We have a comprehensive range of organic products, which includes food supplements, food-based powders, superfruits, superfoods, multi-nutrient blends and alkalising formulas. All of the products in our Organic range have been certified by the Soil Association

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The average Western diet tends to be high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats and, as such, the level of obesity continues to rise. Even those who try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet are now often let down by the so-called “good food” that they are eating, because it lacks valuable nutrients as a result of modern-day intensive farming methods and manufacturing processes.

The result – a large proportion of the food chain is contaminated with synthetic chemicals (in the form of colourings, additives, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides etc), highly toxic recycled heavy metals and other pollutants, anti-nutrients and they also tend to be nutrient-poor.

With this ever-increasing exposure to toxins, many people are seeking ways to minimise their daily intake of harmful chemicals, whilst at the same time supporting their bodies’ cleanse and detox processes through an alkalising diet and appropriate nutrient intake. Organic living is an ideal solution that is growing rapidly in popularity. Certified organic foods are produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and other synthetic compounds and so their natural goodness is maintained and their nutritional value is not diminished or contaminated. Many of our products carry EFSA Approved Health Claims, for more information please visit the EFSA website


The whole range of Organic Food Supplements has been certified by the Soil Association – the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to organic certification and standards in the UK, Europe and internationally, so quality is guaranteed. The Soil Association symbol is the most recognised organic mark in the UK today. As part of their certification process, the Soil Association inspects and awards organic certification only to those businesses that meet its high organic standards.

Organic Food Supplements should always be viewed as a holistic exercise, which involves all aspects of health – including everything from diet and exercise, to potential food allergies, gut integrity and digestive disorders.

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